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MT on Michigan primaries

This week's editorial in the Metro Times suggests voting for Kucinich in the Michigan primary is the only option for folks on the left. Because the Michigan Democratic party violated the national party's charter by moving the primary up to January 15, the Obama and Edwards campaigns both pulled out. So Clinton's a virtual lock. As further punishment for the charter violation, Michigan delegates don't get a vote at the national convention. All this means translates into the major candidates from the party 1) ignoring Michigan until August, and 2) having no pressing reason to address the state's reeling economy or the collapse of the Big 3 until, you guessed it, August.

The editorial frames a Kucinich vote as a do-no-harm vote: send a message to the party--without any of the guilt of voting for a candidate who allegedly isn't viable. The piece reads:

The way News Hits sees it, this is a perfect opportunity for progressives in Michigan to make a statement without taking any risk. And the way to do that is to vote for Kucinich.

He — not Clinton — is the one who opposed our disastrous invasion of Iraq from the outset. Clinton can claim she was conned by the Bush administration's deceptions, but Kucinich was exposed to the same smoke and saw through it.

Kucinich — not Clinton — is the one calling for immediate troop withdrawal. And he's the one seeking the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, demanding that they be held accountable for the damage they've done to this country and its Constitution.

Kucinich — not Clinton — is the one proposing a single-payer, government-run health care system similar to those in place in every other industrialized nation.

And the piece doesn't even get very far into Clinton's senate record: supporting the Patriot Act, supporting the Patriot Act's renewal (when it was starting to lose popularity), getting involved with non-issue garbage like hearings on video games. Go Dennis!


Michael Faris said...

I watched an interesting show streamed from NPR's website last night. I don't remember what the name of the show was, but it was run by Michigan pundits. They discussed how important Michigan would be should Clinton loose NH, which didn't happen. But they discussed that there is an option in Michigan to vote for "uncommitted," and how it would be devestating to Clinton's appearance if she was beaten by uncommitted.

But I agree that a Kucinich vote is the way to go in Michigan. But I think it's the way to go everywhere. :)

bdegenaro said...

Yeah, I think it's the way to go everywhere too. I supported Kucinich's primary run very actively in 04. And I'd vote Kucinich next week regardless of this primary fiasco. But I did think the MT editorial was interesting in making the argument that even for folks who think a DK vote doesn't count, it's the way to go given our odd situation. Yes, I've followed the whole "uncommitted" and my home town Democrat club (go Berkley Democrats!)'s newsletter has clarified that "uncommitted" (as opposed to writing in a name not on the ballot) is the way to vote against Clinton.

Michael Faris said...

Wouldn't it be cool if Kucinich beats out Clinton in Michigan!

bdegenaro said...

Yes it would.

Anonymous said...

When Republican candidate Ron Paul was asked if there was any Democrats he like, he said Kucinich.

Paul and Kucinich voted together, often alone, on many issues concerning freedoms and war.

They do differ on some economic issues.