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Unsolicited Advice

Not that they've asked me or anything, but here are my suggestions for the DNC:

At your convention, don't mention the names Romney and Ryan.  Resist the temptation to discuss the dude who doesn't think you can get pregnant from rape and the dude who held the congressional hearings into the loyalty of American Muslims.  Don't talk about Clint Eastwood or the chair.

You don't have to take silly ideas seriously.

Show the country that you are the big boys with big ideas, the party that doesn't care if gay people get married, the party that believes that church groups are less equipped to handle natural disasters than the federal government, the party that wants to maintain safety nets for the poor and old.

The Republicans used their convention as a chance to criticize Obama (I get it, that's what the opposition party does when running against an incumbent.)  Use your convention as a chance to articulate ideas. Not opinions, not silly stuff, not pandering, not religious dogma.  Ideas.