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from the morning workout

Been doing an hour on the cardio machines every morning this week. Must keep up this habit. This a.m. on the i-pod:
  • One Way Ticket-Aretha Franklin (Spirit in the Dark)
  • I'm Not There-The Band (Basement Tapes)
  • D.T. Shadows-Fleshtones (Beautiful Light)
  • Far Gone and Out-Jesus and Mary Chain
  • Lord Anthony-Belle & Sebastian (Dear Catastrophe Waitress)
  • Pam Berry-The Shins (Wincing the Night Away)
  • Life in Prison-The Byrds (Sweethearts of the Rodeo)
  • Heart of the City-Jay Z (Blueprint)
  • Since You're Gone-The Cars (Greatest Hits)
  • Bomb the Twist-The 5678s
  • You Still Believe in Me-The Beach Boys (Pet Sounds)
  • Damaged Goods-Gang of Four (Entertainment)
  • Galang-M.I.A.
  • Not Dark Yet-Bob Dylan (Time Out of Mind)
  • Country Feedback-R.E.M. (In Time)
  • Lonesome You Lonesome Me-Boogieman Smash (Crowned 7")
  • Ain't To Be Played With-Big Maybelle (Complete Okeh Sessions)
  • Zealots-Fugees (The Score)
  • Kingdom Come-Jay Z (Kingdom Come)
  • Rock Me Baby-Etta James

Lyric that most resonated as I thought about tenure process came from Jay-Z: "I don't want much/f*** I drive a nice car/some nice cooked food/some nice clean drawers."

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Tony said...

i'll admit, the jay z line hits home to most of us.

i recomend checking out "Panda Bear" next time you have an extended time listening to some new tunes.