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Writing has slipped to the bottom of my list of priorities and maybe that's the way it's supposed to be. I keep lamenting the lack of balance but perhaps I'm where I should be, focusing on my health and focusing on the program I direct. I've managed to restore this blog and am posting thoughts and pictures on a semi-regular basis. I'm making positive changes to my writing program. I'm in week #9 with Weight Watchers and exercising nearly each and every day. I'm not giving up, just trying to give up on lamenting who I'm not and what I'm not doing.



Great air fresheners from my sister Anna and family give a hint of cherry to an office that otherwise smells like coffee and unwashed tupperware. Conferencing with students about works-in-progress and considering giving bonus points to the first student who comments.

on the nose

Great name for a Michigan beer, no?

I got no fewer than four six-packs of various Michigan microbrews at the great surprise birthday party that Nicole threw for me. I've put these away for Thanksgiving weekend. Stop by!



Fall 2013:

UM-Dearborn Gen Ed Transition Committee

4Cs Executive Committee

Language, Culture, and Communication Department Executive Committee

Chair, Writing Program Writing Center Governance Committee

Convener, Basic Writing Curriculum Work Group

Commencement Speaker Selection Committee



#days 10-11 of being forty

I don't carry umbrellas because they always seem bulky and cumbersome. Problem is, we've had two wet days on campus and I had meetings across campus in the Administration Building on both days.

How do I stay dry and get from the AB back to "civilization (i.e., the CASL building)? I don't. I get wet. Even cutting through Natural Sciences and the UC, I get wet. And the Nat Sci building always smells like a bag of dry dog food.