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taking my time

Okay, sometimes I'm a bit slow. Today I hung up my diploma and two Diego Rivera prints in my office. Only took two years to get around to it. I guess this means I plan to stick around at UMD for a little while. I brought the diploma to campus at the end of last school year so I guess it's somehow appropriate that I hung the thing at the end of this school year.

I also called in a request to have the fluorescent light bulbs above my desks changed. I must confess: the things needed changing for several months. Ah, the joys of the end of the term. Catching up on things I've neglected for way too long. In particular, cleaning up the office, a task that was just way, way, way overdue.

Yesterday I spent about four hours at Border's sipping coffee and working on my social movements chapter. Must do that each day if I'm to make that deadline. Items perpetually on my to-do list: become more organized and get things done sooner.

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