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new stuff

I have turned in Winter 2007 grades. Term papers from two sections of Comp 2. Portfolios from one section of creative writing. All graded. All done. The huge exhale. Time to move on to new stuff.

This week I need to:
  • finish the 4Cs proposal
  • finish the 4Cs statement for next year's ballot (I'll be running for a position on the nominating cmte)
  • clean my office on campus
  • take a boatload of books back to the library
  • work out at least three times

In May I need to:

  • write the conclusion to the social movements book

...and that's it. Usually I'm alternating between three or four different projects. But the month of May's all about writing this conclusion to what looks to be a great edited collection on the rhetoric of new social movements.

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