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why NBC, why?

My fellow pop culture junkies saw this coming, no doubt, but now it's official. NBC has canceled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, its "high profile failure." Smart, well-written, and the execs give it the ax. Studio 60 joins Freaks&Geeks and Arrested Development in the pantheon of dead-before-their-time shows. Destined for life on netflix. Why can't programs with points-of-view find wide audiences? Meanwhile, the network brings back Law&Order for its 80th season so they can, no doubt, base plotlines on Virginia Tech and the selling of Chrysler and Hillary-Barack bickering. And they're putting Deal or No Deal on a couple nights of week and developing a half dozen Heroes rip-offs. Thanks for the quality programming!

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bdegenaro said...

Update: ABC's fall schedule includes a sitcom that centers on the Geico Caveman. I'm just sayin!