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more miscelaneous

Lute Olson retires from Arizona. I never heard a bad word about Olson during my years in Tucson. An icon. I wonder how the Wildcats are going to do without him.

'Get out the vote' canvassing on both Saturday and Sunday with our town's democrat club. Not since '96 have I felt like I'm voting for a guy, as opposed to voting *against* the other guy.

Great line from The Wire (I'm almost through season one on dvd): "In this town, there's a thin line between campaign poster and photo array."

My students in the two service-learning, pilot sections of comp start their group projects this weekend, researching and writing neighborhood field reports for the Homeless Action Network of Detroit. Gearing up for the first round of research, the students seemed genuinely excited about doing something real. They're designing GIS maps, conducting interviews with neighborhood merchants, and writing reports that will hopefully help HAND in its census efforts.

Must get back to reading student papers...

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