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fall food

Fall is my favorite time of year: moderate weather (ok, it's freezing in Detroit), the opportunity to meet new students, my birthday. Oh yeah, and the food. Local markets start to carry honeycrisp apples. We make the annual trip to our local cider mill.

I've already made what Nicole and I consider the ultimate fall dish: pumpkin pasta. A delicious combination of diced bacon, fresh pumpkin, sage, chicken stock, parmesan cheese, and a little heavy cream, served over rigatoni.

We also had walking tacos. I'm not sure if this is a fall thing or not, but we made them on Sunday and they tasted great. Never had a walking taco? Take a single-serving bag of frito's and put taco fixins (seasoned ground meat, veggies, cheese, sour cream, whatever you like) right into the bag with the chips. Stir and eat with a fork while walking around. Walking taco.

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