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cooking continues

Last night, after a long day at work, I made a potato and leek gratin, based loosely on a recipe in the NYTimes last week. Another good fall dish. I used a lot more cumin than the recipe suggested, decreased the salt, and subbed skim milk. Not bad. Creamy, rich, and bitey from the leeks and garlic.

Plans have come together for a Halloween party this Friday. My parents, Anna and company, and miscelaneous friends and neighbors. Menu: walking tacos, Brier Hill pizza made by my folks, some baked fish with fresh lime for anybody not wanting to dig on the tacos, and some version of the salad I usually make when my sister comes over (romaine, hearts of palm, walnuts, and tart apples with a yogurt dressing). Agenda: hand out candy; go check out over-the-top, scare-the-local-kiddies yards in our neighborhood; and who knows what else? Should be fun.

Also cooking (not in the kitchen): Tonight is election town hall down on my campus, to be televised locally on public tv. Many of my students are attending, some are participating, and I told them I'd be there. Almost caught up on paper grading. I can't recall feeling so overwhelmed by the paper load in years. What's going on? And on a serious note...shout out to Bill H. from my Peace and Justice group who's giving a kidney to another parishioner at our church this afternoon. Be well!

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Jennifer said...

Hi Bill,

I found your blog searching for a Brier Hill pizza recipe online! See, I'm a Youngstown-area transplant to California. Would you be willing to share your family's? Email me privately if you don't want to post. BTW, I'm a professor of communication, too. Small world. Jennifer