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English 364: Writing for Civic Literacy
Professor Bill DeGenaro

Fall 2007 T/TH 3-4:15
Cross-listed: Composition 364/Communication 364

In this advanced writing course we will study how activists, community organizers, politicians, religious leaders, and everyday citizens use language to fight for social change. We will examine genres like political speeches, sermons, brochures, op-ed pieces, and websites that engage with community concerns and social issues. As a student in this course you will learn about audience analysis, rhetorical awareness, argumentation, and other techniques that will help you become a more competent writer and a more active community member.

This course has a community service component and will give you the opportunity to perform community service at the agency of your choosing. You might choose to tutor or work with a community literacy agency. You might volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen. You might wish to work with an environmental non-profit. You may choose the agency and the type of work you do.

In addition to a community service reflection journal and several short, analytical papers, students will design and implement a real-world writing project in collaboration with the agencies where they are volunteering. Writing projects might include informational websites, fundraising materials, or a series of op-ed pieces for the local media.

For more information contact Professor DeGenaro at 313.583.6383 or billdeg@umd.umich.edu. Or drop by CASL 3067 to chat with him.

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