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how 'bout some focus?

I've wanted to blog more in the last two weeks, but a million different commitmentsprojectsetal have prevented that from happening. I probably assign one too many papers to my Comp 106-ers. Why not do an extra round of revision or two on one of the papers instead of tacking on so many separate-albeit sequenced-assignments? Why not work in more ungraded blogging? I like reading the drafts and recognize the value in the feedback I'm offering, but the steady stream of sets of papers does overwhelm--especially since I'm teaching two sections instead of just one.

4Cs paper almost done, thanks to spring break feedback from excellent UMD colleagues. Some discussion leader duties at working-class sig to prep for. Page proofs from a 'Teaching English in the Two-Year College' article (on using a class-conscious lens to understand student-teacher relationships) that I'm not done editing yet. Deadline's today. Article will appear in May issue-check it out soon. In the meantime, get those proofs back to editor. Still revising Detroit article to send back to jac; I realize I need to block off a day and just finish the thing.

This weekend, off to Youngstown for family fun. Tonight, if time and energy-level allow, hope to run over to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Hamtramck to see The Muldoons, whose 7 inch is outstanding. Three-person family punk band consisting of father and his two sons (10 and 13 yrs old, no joke). From what I've heard, their shows are like nothing you've seen, with antics-a-plenty...yet more than just novelty. If you click on their myspace page, give a listen to "Red and Black," lead track on their record.

Oh, yes, and be sure to buy three or four copies of my friend Steve Climer's new novel: James of this World. I hope to read it this weekend so I can't say much firsthand about the book. But we've read some of S.C.'s stories in my creative writing class--and the author has generously visited the students to talk about his writing process--and he's got an interesting voice. The work's creepy but also deeply affecting and human(e).

Scattered, yes. Who says life needs focus?

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