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to debate or not to debate

Okay, McCain wants to call off the debate because he needs to go back to the senate to govern us through the financial crisis. Is the senate going to be in session Friday night at 9:00 and the subsequent ninety minutes?

What a lose-lose situation our country is in. Bail out the financial institutions and the CEOs who perpetrated predatory lending practices and reveled in the profits that deregulation allowed walk away with their golden parachutes--parachutes subsidized by tax dollars. Don't bail out and people lose their retirement accounts and God knows what else.

Back to the debate. If McCain doesn't want to show up, fine. I think Obama should still show up and use the time to explain to the American people how he's going to keep us out of Great Depression Part Deux. Hopefully he'll say more than that "let's help Wall Street and Main Street" line.

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bonnie lenore kyburz said...

i enthusiastically second that!