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so far

The garden so far has yielded:

--Kohlrabi. One of my favorite veggies. Sliced and eaten raw, you can't beat it.
--Grape tomatoes. The full-sized are still green, but these tasty treats are turning red. So far we've eaten them in salad with...
--Cucumbers. I was starting to worry that the SPRAWLING vines were just going to sprawl. But today I picked four nice-sized 'cukes. Each time I eat a home-grown cucumber I swear I'll never buy one at the grocery store again.
--Berries. Thank you, former home-owner, for the awesome currants and rasberry bushes. Rasberries rarely even make it into the house, so I haven't cooked with them at all. Currants have made a nice mix-in for rice prepared with almonds and various herbs. I've also sauteed them with onions and greens. There are still loads of them out there too!
--Fresh Herbs. They've been good this year: cilantro, parsley, marjoram, mint, tarragon, thyme. Forgot to plant basil. Didya know that one cup of parsley has 100% of the daily recommended vitamins A and C? I had a bunch of barley in the cupboard and made a barley version of tabouli, using equal parts mint and parsley. Really good.

Favorite time of the year? Yes.


Lance said...

Sounds like a great garden. Just-picked cukes are the BEST. I'd also really enjoy the berries, I think. We have only herbs so far, which I've been using in salads and fresh pesto (remembered the basil, fortunately) and--my favorite--as a crust for grilled meats. But, if all goes well, we should have some big-ass pumpkins in about 110 days.

Rebecca Moore Howard said...

I'm amazed by the sense of well-being that spreads over our house as the garden comes in. (For us it's beans, garlic, broccoli, raspberries, and squash right now.) One's life is fulfilled, complete, when the garden is yielding.