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This is a kind of a Part II to yesterday's post about what's happening in the garden...or, rather, in the kitchen. I made tea with lemon balm leaves last night. Very relaxing. I boiled a little saucepan of water and dropped in about half a dozen leaves to steep for five minutes or so. I stirred in about a tablespoon of honey from my sister's hives and, voila, a nice evening beverage.

Today, I was hungry for a healthy late lunch. I had gotten up early, biked to Caribou (about a thirty minute trek), spent the morning and early afternoon writing at the coffee shop, and biked back home. Sweaty and tired. So inspired by that Mario Batali escarole recipe, I sauteed: a couple handfuls of romaine lettuce, half a diced onion, and a handful of currants in some olive oil. I sprinked some crushed red pepper and stirred in a tablespoon or so of Anna's honey. Most excellent.

If anyone has more suggestions for good things to do with currants or lemon balm, leave me a comment!

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lazyjmom said...

Hey Bill. In this summer heat I'm thinking:
1. Smoothies with currants and honey
2. What about currant sorbet? You'd need plenty of sugar but you could boil them and puree. Strain and add them to a sugar/water syrup. Freeze it till mushy and pop it in the food processor. (you could add at this point a frothy egg white) Freeze for a few hours and scoop out. You could garnish with a few fresh berries and some lemon balm and/or mint.