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wpa grants

Anybody out there have any luck with wpa (Council of Writing Program Administrators) grants in the past? I've never submitted a proposal for one and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips. Two UMD colleagues and I plan to write one this year to help fund some work we plan to do in the 'Civic Engagement' sections of first-year comp we're piloting next year.


Donna said...

I got one several years back. I was also sort of a co-investigator for one before that, but only unofficially. You're project sounds like a great one. I'm not sure that I have any tips beyond general grant-writing things of making it clear how you'll use the money, etc. If you want to talk more, email me. I'll be happy to read a draft, too. (LastnameDG[at]missouri[dot]edu)

bdegenaro said...

Thanks Donna. I'll have to drop you an email. Not sure of any specifics I should be aware of about what WPA values most in these documents. Yes, clarity and specificity...but I'm wondering about things like their emphasis on "administrative" vs. "research" tasks. As in, are they mainly looking to fund more traditional "scholarship" that emerges from writing program work, or are they willing to fund the administrative work itself? Or both? Certainly there's much overlap, but still.