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love to eat turkey on thanksgiving

Why is Thanksgiving my favorite holiday? Probably because the day centers on eating. But also because COOKING is so important to Thanksgiving. Two activities that I love. Aside from watching the Lions, telling half-truths about the conquest of North America, and, you know, being thankful, this holiday is all about food. How cool is that? I'll be cooking for a crowd tomorrow--I especially like the dishes that, for us, are unique to this one day: pumpkin squares, frozen cranberry, and sweet potato souffle. Don't forget to make time to listen to Burroughs' Thanksgiving Prayer, introduced to me by Professor Culik like fifteen (!) years ago.


Lance said...

Great link.

How'd the cooking go?

bdegenaro said...

The cooking was a joy. I made a 25-pound turkey. Holy smokes, it barely fit in the oven. Nothing relaxes me like putting on some good music (on t'giving a.m. it was the new Jay-Z album, the first Wu-Tang Clan album, and Sly Stone's "Stand") and cooking!!