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new writing schedule

As I settle into the new term, I'm happy with my routine. I've made a committment to spending three hours each Monday and Wednesday writing. Not reading. Not note-taking. Not thinking things through while doing laundry. Three hours of solid writing on each of those days. Either in my office at home or at Caribou Coffee. So far I've kept up with that committment. Now I've said it on the blog, so I have to stick to it.

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Nels said...

Hey, you don't have an email on here. I came over to email you to say that, yes, the title of my CCCC entry is from Concrete Blonde. I, too, worshipped that CD for a while.

And you're one of the ones I want to meet in NO next year!

On topic, I, too, am writing on Mondays and Wednesdays. It feels good.