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evicted nuns

I've written before about the Catholic sexual abuse scandal--the shame of the abuse itself and the shame of the public relations (over human) concerns of church leadership, the shame of crying 'anti-Catholic' bias in the media as a way of explaining away the horrific reports. Now comes news of a group of Santa Barbara nuns being evicted by the L.A. Archdiocese which is selling their home to pay for settlements from the abuse lawsuits. Recall that those settlements involve over $600 million. Recall too that the settlements, by most accounts, happened so the archdiocese could avoid its leader, the despicable Cardinal Roger Mahony, being put under oath. How is this guy not being held in any way accountable? Not just for evicting elderly nuns (speaking of p.r. nightmares), but for his extremely well-documented, decades-long history of covering up abuse and re-assigning predators to jobs involving working with children. Another story that I'm sure right-wing apologists like the Catholic League will spin as blown out of proportion. Urghh.

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