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Pepper Salad

Last weekend my dad hooked me up with 1) a peck basket full of peppers from his garden, and 2) the greatest recipe ever. You can use any combination of sweet and hot Italian peppers. I made a batch with half hot and half sweet. Came out very tasty and definitely not to hot--the marinating pretty much neutralizes the heat. Okay, here's the recipe:

-Cut a basket of peppers into 1/4" rings
-Cover rings with half vinegar and half water and let stand for 3 days
-Drain well
-Add 2 T. dried parsley, 2 T dried oregano, 1 T black pepper, and about a head of chopped, fresh garlic
-Add 2 cans of black olives and 2 small jars of green olives
-Cover with olive oil and store in the refrigerator...if the peppers are covered with the oil, they'll keep pretty much indefinitely

Delicious as a side with sandwiches, pasta, or any Italian food. I've got a big jar in my fridge. Here's the batch I made:

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, my dad got the recipe from a guy at his church who looks EXACTLY like Ernest Borgnine.

It's uncanny. He has looked like Ernest Borgnine, circa Airwolf, for as long as I can recall. He doesn't age. And he provides us with delicious recipes. So he's got that going for him.


lazyjmom said...

Bill- save me a bite of Lallo's peppers! Borgnine does 'em right.

Dave said...

If this is the Bill that attended SLS in 92, drop by my blog sometime (http://www.bizzyweb.com/blog) -- good to see you're doing so well!

Dave Meyer