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maybe I was falling in love

So Nicole and I have found three very different houses that we like, one of which needs a great deal of work. The fixer upper has huge rooms downstairs, including a sunroom, all with hardwood floors. Colonial brick. Nice fireplace. Plenty of room to spread out. A good place to write. On the other hand, the place needs a new furnace, new windows, updated electric service, and other significant improvements. We were happy that the place had its ups and its down, as one of our goals was NOT to fall in love with a house and thus get sucked into paying more than we should. Just found out the fixer upper has sold. Probably a good thing, as the price, though low, wasn't low enough, given the problems. Kind of a bummer, though, as the place had loads of character and loads of potential.

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Lance said...

As one who's done the fixer-upper thing, I say count your blessings that the house sold. And it's not the money that's even the problem--though whatever number you had in mind to fix it, the actual total would almost certainly been much, much higher (unless you have extraordinary powers of anticipation). The real problem, especially for people with other jobs, is the g*&%$#@ time and energy.