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The weekend brought a little break from my recent 'civic engagement' reading frenzy. Friday night Nicole and I met our good friends Jim and Janice for dinner and then they came back to our place and played cards until one a.m. Saturday Nicole had several client meetings at her office so I tagged along and got some reading done (ok, the weekend hasn't been a total break). Last night we watched the first disc of season two of Weeds, the excellent and often twisted series about a pot-selling soccer mom. Today after church, I've got some vegetable soup brewing on the stove. For some reason, I love soup in the summertime. Probably has to do with all the fresh vegetables that abound. Today's soup boasts carrots, celery, onion, garlic, zucchini, cauliflower, corn (right off the cob), some of Anna's home-dried hot pepper flakes, and a big handful of barley. The barley comes from my new 'stuff to use up before moving' cupboard.

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