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In the last two days:
  • responded to one-third of my OWP portfolios
  • peer-reviewed an article
  • wrote letter of rec. for a Who Says? contributor
  • brought a boatload of stuff I had taken to Ohio back to my campus office
  • registered for this Friday's 'Forum on Community, Culture, and Race,' a symposium happening in conjunction with this weekend's Concert of Colors
  • figured out which bands at the Concert of Colors I don't want to miss...Black Bottom Collective and ?&theMysterians are at the top of that list
  • worked out
  • realized there are a bunch of articles in both the new College English and the new CCC that I need to read
  • read a manuscript for my pal Steve Climer
  • set up a new blog for my Rhetoric of Civic Engagement research project...bookmark it and watch for posts to begin in the next few days

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