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h2o part two

Yesterday after work, a second consecutive swim. My first night I did twenty minutes. Last night, 30. I could really get used to the sensation which perhaps stems from swimming being something different (i.e., I haven't really done it for ten years), but for whatever reason swimming feels rewarding, like an accomplishment--especially increasing my time by ten minutes. I still can't imagine getting to a point of caring much about speed or form but I love the feeling of speeding up my heart rate and then keeping it elevated, going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. I like that swimming is hard. That's why it feels satisfying to complete thirty minutes.

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bonnie lenore kyburz said...

good for you! you always inspire!

i'm ashamed to admit i joined the more expensive gym because the one 10 steps from the condo (and way cheaper) doesn't have a pool. i have gone exactly ONCE. so, your post shames me into action. i will definitely go swimming tomorrow at the gym. thank you for the unwittingly motivational post!