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fumes fumes fumes

...As in, this blog runs on fumes. Bet you--if a "you" even exists anymore--thought the next post on this blog would be the increasingly common "facebook is killing this blog" post. Nah. After nearly five years, this blog still has some life. Such as it is.

Facebook is fascinating for a million reasons that I don't even want to explore. Reveling in mundane things. Giving friends and pseduo-friends and people you barely knew in high school windows into your odd existence. Turning family members onto facebook's joys four years or so after turning them onto blogging. Watching those family members go from "who has time?" and "get a life" attitudes toward FB to "this is cool." If I had more motivation, I'd take a scholarly interest in such things, but I'd rather update my status with crap about what's on cable or on top of my stove.

But the blog still lives too. If for no other reason than to say I'm looking forward to seeing The Dirtbombs in Hamtramck on March 6 and Animal Collective in Royal Oak on May 18. I'll probably make the same point on facebook.

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Professor Maybe said...

Odd and out of the blue, but I'm glad you've still got fumes to run this on. I look forward to each post; there's something refreshing in your style that reminds me to look twice at the world around me. And I haven't checked my FB in 3 weeks.